Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Analyse one of your coursework productions in relation of genre

In this essay I am going to talk about my thriller movie opening sequence, ‘’Dream Chaser’’ I have produced in my foundation portfolio.  My product is suspense/ tension opening about an innocent man who is been accidently involved in a serious crime situation. Our target audience for my thriller opening is men and women from 15 – 30.  My group and I have decided to make the film we are making a 15, as we would have a wider range of different audiences. My group and i have taken a look at genre very closely to attract our target audience. We have research many different genres of suspense movies, and have found that the most successful product was a hybrid of two or more different genres. Therefore my group and i have decided to use a hybrid of two genres – innocent on the run and crime.

The first theorist i am going to discuss about is  Denis McQuail is  who’s theory is that audiences use media texts for personal needs such as for information, personal identity, social interaction and entertainment. In my thriller opening I think that it relates some peoples life, which a small incident can change their whole life.

I also looked at was Rick Altman who’s theory is that genre gives the audience a set of pleasures. He says that genre is used to differentiate, which means that different genres of products are produced to appeal to different target audiences. This is one of the reason we have used a hybrid of two different genre to achieve a wider range of audiences. 

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